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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Purpose of this Website

I started this site because while there are many blogs that offer advice about how to rid your household of bedbugs, there are NO sites that will tell you what works 100% of the time.  The sites that come close to that, in general, are trying to sell a bed bug product of some sort and we all get suckered into buying it, only to realize it doesn't work and we still have those red bite marks everywhere when we wake up.

There are not words in the English language to describe how much I hate bed bugs.

Worse, I feel like I'm educated enough that such vermin ought not exist in my house, period! In saying that, I'm not implying that bug infestations are for the stupid; I'm suggesting that all of the bed bug pesticides that are marketed today are just pissing off the bed bugs and not eradicating them...annihilating them...wiping them out and causing an extincting event!

Why is it that humans, as a species, are smart enough to send people out into space to orbit the globe but we can't all get together and solve the bed bug dilemma?

Experimentation and feedback on what works and what does not work is still needed! (Here's where it gets fun, but I'll get to that in a minute!)  :)

What we DO know is that there is no chemical product that is marketed specifically for killing bed bugs--THAT WORKS WITH 100% EFFICIENCY--on the shelves of Walmart or other convenience stores.  Sure, you can buy a can of "Raid Bed Bug Spray" or whatever it's called--the purple and black can, we all know what I'm talking about.  It's a good way to waste about $6, is what it is!

Flea foggers also do not accomplish anything other than covering everything in your household with chemicals that are far more toxic to you than they are to the mighty bed bug.

Evolution has been kind to the bed bug, that's a certainty.  Bed bugs are well-poised to remain 'in the game' of life here on Earth as long as we're complacent; as long as we keep doing what we're doing---that being, just giving them (the bugs) a good chuckle when we permeate their atmosphere (and our own) with the latest, greatest "Product X" that we were suckered into purchasing because we are desperate...and itchy....and pissed off...and itchy.

And itchy.

Errr.....oh how I hates bed bugs!

So....back to the purpose of this website!

I want to begin a series of trials, using different products, to kill the bugs that are currently harvesting more blood than a Red Cross bus on a nightly basis from myself and my family.

Using creativity and relying on my background as a biologist and chemist--and bug lover (yes, I actually DO like bugs...every other species besides bed bugs!)--to generate the most reliable, efficient way to rid one's household of bedbugs.

I would like to encourage others who read this blog and find themselves in the same, giant, infested bed as I am, to post their successes--and lack thereof--relating to their attempts at ridding their houses of bed bugs.

Working together, through trial and error should, in theory, ultimately lead to positive results--> the most effective way to remove bedbugs from your house.

Thank you for reading and participating, and check back soon for more updates, photos and the chance to vote on various products!

Mel in Bed Bug Hell

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