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Tuesday, August 1, 2017

New Bed Bug Removal Manual Soon To Be Released!!!

What everyone's been waiting for has finally arrived! It's the 100% GUARANTEED TO WORK Solution to bed bugs.  The new manual will soon be available for purchase on for the purchase price of about $45.00.

That's right, only $45.00....not hundreds or thousands of dollars that you might have otherwise spent on bed bug removal to pay a professional pest remover to come in and do it for you.  You can do this on your own, and better yet, it's 100% NON-TOXIC.  So there are no harsh, cancer-causing chemicals left in your home. The only thing you have to do is simple application of the products that I have concluded are effective and after you apply them, leave them set on your furniture and on your floors, and in the crevices in your home that bed bugs might nest in.  Then, after 3-4 days, you vacuum everything up, and not only are the bed bugs gone, but your house even smells fresher and cleaner because the products also remove any types of odors that are caused by pets, or from food spillage that happen to end up on the floors or inside of cracks around your house.

And application is not difficult...with a little perseverance and this great, new methodology, you will notice almost immediate results: a BED-BUG-FREE HOUSE!!!

Keep checking back for updates to this site. This manual will soon be available for purchase and you can start living a bed bug-free life!

AND MORE GREAT NEWS!!! --->  I will be offering my new bed bug-killing formula, available for purchase off of this website, within the coming weeks.

Click on the link on the side of this page to follow this website for updates and new posts about the availability of these wonderful, low-cost solutions to bed bug infestations as well as for important research reports and essays on keeping your home bug-free and improving your quality of life.

Melissa---over-worked, under-paid, displaced Yankee on a personal mission to persuade evolution to change bed bugs from blood-suckers to herbivores.

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